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The 20 most powerful people in college football

The season begins in earnest this weekend, but most of the big players won’t be wearing helmets or shoulder pads. They are the coaches on the sideline, the commissioners and executives in their private luxury boxes. College football is run by the men who control the money and make the most of it. Here are […]

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WALLY HALL: Attorney in Nutt case ascends NCAA ladder

In a way, it all started when Rex Horne baptized Thomas “Tom” Mars in 2001. Mars and Horne became close friends, and 16 years later Horne asked Mars if he would help out another former Immanuel Baptist member, Houston Nutt. Fast forward to this month, and Mars is being named to the NCAA’s Complex Case […]

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NCAA unveils new enforcement arm with outside investigators

The NCAA introduced Thursday a new arm of rules enforcement made up of independent investigators, advocates and decision-makers to handle complex cases involving serious infractions. Creating a new process for dealing with some high-profile infractions cases was one of several recommendations made last year by the Rice Commission on college basketball. The commission, created in response to […]

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