Fearless Top Shelf Trial Lawyer

Thomas Mars is a fearless top shelf trial lawyer…. Mars is to lawyering what Tom Brady is to quarterbacking.

A One-Man Wrecking Crew

A one-man wrecking crew — Mars has been referred to as a transfer ‘magician,’ ‘savant,’ and ‘super attorney.’ . . . The aptest description of Mars is a workhorse. When he’s hired, the case becomes all-consuming.

A Fierce Litigator

Mars is a fierce litigator whose weapons are records and documentation.

Intensely Focused

Nick Saban wishes he were as intensely focused on victory as Tom Mars.

He’s Committed To You

Never in my life have I met anyone like him. I call it a Mars thing, where you really can’t understand unless you experience it. He’s committed to you, and you really don’t want to be on the other side of him.


[Mars is] a tenacious, leave-no-stone-unturned attorney.

Only Results

He was in the fox hole completely dug in. He didn’t accept excuses, only results. Never seen a person work like he did to get a result most people thought would be impossible.


Tom Mars is the finest attorney that we have ever worked with. His experience, knowledge, and tireless dedication to his clients are unmatched. You will not find better legal representation than Tom Mars.

Absolutely Fantastic

There’s no one better in the country. I got a text at 1:26 in the morning the other day from Tom. He was still working on [our case]. He’s absolutely fantastic.

Mars Does Not Mess Around

Mars does not mess around. For 11 years, he served as Walmart’s general counsel. He once was director of the Arkansas State Police. His bio says Mars has won verdicts or settlements worth approximately $50 million. One source described him as one of the most powerful attorneys in Arkansas.